New Generation of Marketplaces

Neogen incubates and invests in marketplaces, 
providing entrepreneurs with operational support.

People Build Companies


Year 2000, our first successful project was born. Today, Dan Puica is transforming Bestjobs into a full-service HR business. 


In 2012, together with Monica Cadogan & Andras Nagy, we launched the first home-deco retailer in the region, covering 9 markets, with more to come.


In 2014, we invested in Clever Taxi, founded by Mihai Rotaru and Alexandru Dumitru. After a successful exit to Daimler, we invested in iTaxi, managed by Elena Agrici.


Small investments in Conso & Vcredit reflect our interest in fin-tech. Marius Serban and Nicolai Donica are managing the respective businesses. Blockchain.


Adrian Gradinaru has the best job in the world, managing a boat rental and yacht charter marketplace. We hope to ride the waves of his success.


Bogdan Colceriu is the best marketing & sales person we ever met (he sold us Frisbo!). We know this will drive his fulfilment marketplace to the moon.


Alex Pana, together with Alex Nicoara and Dan Bina, cofounded Cleany, with the motto Move Fast and Clean Things!  With such a motto, we couldn't not invest.


Casta offers comfortable home-related services: buy-rent-finance-sell, design, cleaning, with more to come. Andra Pintican is the new CEO.

Neogen Board of Directors

We are thankful for New Century Holdings, Tiger Global and Parisot for past experience and/or investments.