Venture Studio + Capital 

focused on marketplaces

We build or act as co-founders in market-leading marketplaces. We invest in founders building world-class companies.

Year 2000, our first successful project was born. Today, Andrei Frunza is transforming Bestjobs into a full-service HR business.

In 2012, together with Monica Cadogan, we launched the first home-deco retailer in the region, covering today 9 markets.

Horea Craciun is managing the first iBuyer on the Romanian real estate market.  

After a successful exit of Clever Taxi to Daimler, we invested in iTaxi & launched Citylink. Managed by Igor Grosu.

Nicolae Donica started, after our investment we launched the first BNPL service in Md. 

Vasile Galusca co-founded the leading courier company in Moldova. We're helping to expand its geography. 

After an early investment in Cleany, we've rebranded and expanded its services. By Alex Pana & Alex Nicoara

Coming soon..

Mario Popescu & Cristian Oftez are automating repetitive processes within your enterprise with the help of RPA.

Bogdan Colceriu is the best marketing & sales person we ever met. He is driving the regional fulfilment marketplace to success.

Adrian Gradinaru has the best job in the world, managing the largest boat rental and yacht charter marketplace in the US. 

Find racket sports players in your area fast. Started in London, coming soon to a field near you. With Robert Rizea & Bogdan Demeny.

Znappy is a gaming company + a hosting company (Zooku)? We're still figuring it out :)

Ioana Dragomir & Larisa Burca are operating the largest events services marketplace in Romania.

Metabeta is the data platform for managing early-stage startup investments, by Marius Ursache.

Special mention to our successful exit from Clever Taxi, sold to Daimler. Mihai Rotaru & Alexandru Dumitru, thanks.

Neogen Board of Directors

We are thankful for New Century Holdings, Tiger Global and Parisot for past experience and/or investments.